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The Man behind the


HRS business that originated in 1975. Through the years HRS has been through many successful changes. The firm has always revolved around motorsports and medicine. HRS Cycle Sport opened a motorcycle performance shop in 1989. That business serviced many local, national, and international riders and teams. HRS Cycle Sport banner has been seen worldwide in many road racing venues. We were involved in all aspects and classes of modern road racing.

We were selected to run Kawasaki’s US Endurance Road Racing team in 1990 and 1991. MUZZY and HRS were the first to receive the innovative 1991 ZX7RR’s to campaign the US racing venue.

HRS morphed into yet another motorsports based business in 1999. The fast paced growth of business took HRS into the corporate arena where mergers and acquisitions of motorsports firms became the forerunner in our corporate matrix.

2012 brought yet another paradigm shift to HRS. It was at that time I wanted to devote more time to personal projects and goals. HRS Cycle Sport is now dedicated to the servicing and restoration of classic and vintage motorcycles along with other motor vehicles.

We have restored and built several award winning projects. We are proud of those accomplishments. Those accolades pale in comparison to the joy we supply to our clients. Most of our clients become and remain friends. We cherish those relationships. We are primarily a “word of mouth” business. Our clients are everything to our success and wellbeing. HRS Cycle Sport is dedicated to the Restoration of your Classic or Vintage motorcycle.


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